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Module 4: Balanced Ligamentous Tension

With Sue Turner. Sutherland’s gentle and effective approach to treatment of joints using the therapeutic principle of "BLT".

9-13 June


Module 3:
Osteopathic Medicine

This truly holistic course returns to the legacies of Still, Sutherland and Littlejohn to increase your confidence in treating a wide range of conditions.
30 June - 3 July

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Paediatric Osteopathic Diploma

POD 2018/19 - NOW OPEN
We are now taking bookings for the 2018/19 Paediatric Diploma.
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Welcome to the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy

A leading provider of postgraduate training in cranial osteopathy. The SCCO offers the highest standard of training and the first recognised qualification in cranial osteopathy. 

All osteopaths listed on our 'Find an Osteopath' feature have trained with the SCCO. Members (MSCCO) have completed basic level training and Fellows (FSCCO) are expert who have completed extensive training with the SCCO.

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Module 1: Foundation Course

Perfect for anyone who is curious about the anatomy and function of these areas and would like to discover more about the five principles of osteopathy.

M1 Foundation Course

Module 2: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

Introducing the key concepts of the five phenomena as a way of studying and understanding the body as a whole.

M2 Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

Once every two years we run a shorter version of our Module 2 course designed for ESO graduates.

Mini M2 Osteopathy in the Cranial Field in Partnership with ESO

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Learn the ‘SCC Osteopathy way’

from leading practitioners in the field as they pass on their knowledge and experiences, which has been passed down from Still and Sutherland.


Module 4 Balance Ligamentous Tension : 9-13 June 2016 - Stroud - FULLY BOOKED

Why does a traumatised joint (such as a sprained ankle) remain vulnerable to injury long after the original injury has healed? Using the principle of Balanced Ligamentous Tension osteopaths are able to feel the directional forces imposed on the ligaments in traumatic joint injuries. 

£950 (non-residential) | 9-13 June | with Susan Turner | Hawkwood College, Stroud | CPD: 34 Hours

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Module 3 Osteopathic Medicine : 30 June - 3 July 2016 - Stroud

This course takes us back to our osteopathic roots as taught by A T Still, and reviews the osteopathic legacy of Still, Sutherland, Littlejohn and others. We will help you to extend your palpatory skills inside the organ systems of the body, and as we already know, a good knowledge of anatomy linked with accurate palpation is the key to diagnosis and treatment.

£1250 | 30 June - 3 July | with Lynn Haller | Hawkwood Collge, Stroud | CPD: 32 Hours

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Module 1: Foundation: 2-3 July 2016 - Tipperary

This fun and accessible 2 day course will introduce you to the basic embryology, anatomy and function of the cranium, sacrum and related structures by means of mini lectures, worksheets, palpation and group exercises including model making!

2-3 July | with Penny Price | Tipperary (non-residential) | CPD: 16 Hours

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Osteopathy in Pregnancy, Birth & Post-Partum: 9-10 July 2016 - Reading - FILLING FAST

This course is being given by the eminent Prof Renzo Molinari who will be presenting a two-day gynaecology course on the full process of child birth, from pregnancy through to birth and post-partum. This will be a non-residential weekend but rooms are available at the venue and lunch and refreshments will be provided.

This events promises to be extremely popular so early booking is strongly recommended to ensure your place.

£390 (non-residential) | 9-10 July | with Renzo Molinari | Wokefield Park, Reading | CPD: 16 hrs

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Module 1: Foundation: 20-21 August - South West

This fun and accessible 2 day course will introduce you to the basic embryology, anatomy and function of the cranium, sacrum and related structures by means of mini lectures, worksheets, palpation and group exercises including model making!

20-21 August | with Penny Price | Axminster (non-residential) | CPD: 16 Hours

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Faculty Development Weekend: 8-11 September 2016 - LAST FEW ROOMS

The Faculty Development Weekend is a once-a-year opportunity to mingle with other Faculty and Fellows, and get to know the SCCO better.

We are pleased to announce the venue for the Faculty Development Weekend in 2016 will be the Hotel Ca’n Bonico in Ses Salines, Mallorca.


£299 / €398 | 8-11 September | Ses Salines, Mallorca | CPD: 16 hours

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Module 2: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field : 12-16 September 2016 - London

This course is an overview of the whole cranial concept, covering all the key areas. Each topic is then developed in more detail in the other courses on the pathway.

12-16 September | with Carl Surridge | Columbia Hotel, London | £950 (non residential) | CPD: 40 Hours

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Paediatric First Aid & Trauma Care: 15-16 October 2016 - Reading

Specialist Weekend on 15 October 2016, focusing on paediatric emergency first aid and paediatric trauma care, with specialist emergency medical tutors and with SCCO Fellow Michael Harris.

15-16 October | with Hilary Percival & Mark Wilson | Wokefield Park, Nr. Reading | from £390 (non residential) | CPD: 16 Hours

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Hormones & Immunity: Further Thinking: 5-6 November 2016 - London

Our second weekend will take place on Saturday 5 to Sunday 6 November 2016 and will further develop the ideas examined in the first weekend.

5-6 November | with Pamela Vaill Carter & Taj Deoora | W12 Conference Centre, London | from £330 (non residential) | CPD: 16 Hours

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Module 10: Integrating Cranial into Practice - 19 November 2016 - London

A one day course aimed at helping you to integrate cranial work into your existing osteopathic practice, and to give you the confidence to communicate effectively with your patients.

19 November | with Michael Harris | BSO, London | from £165 (non residential) | CPD: 8 Hours

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